Our History

  • J.O. Kelly Middle School was built in 1995 and is named for the superintendent who served Springdale Schools from 1944-1963.

  • Here are some things that took place during his tenure:

    • 1947 North Central Elementary built (with the first lunchroom) at current Pre-K site

    • 1947 - 1949 State law passed requiring all schools be part of a district with a high school
      22 schools bought into our system including: Steele, Spring Creek, Silent Grove, Tontitown, Brush Creek, Harmon, Zion, Accident, Hickory Creek, Sawyer, Fish Back, Sonora, Habberton, Oak Grove, Shady Grove, Bethel, Monitor, White Oak, Mt. Home

    • 1951 Lee Elementary built

    • 1959 Jones Elementary built

    • 1959 Westwood Elementary built

    • 1961 Major expansion of Springdale High School site, costing almost $900,000